Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Evolution and Ecology

by N Arumugam (Author), R.P Meyyan (Author)


The fundamental aspects of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics are dealt with in a lucid style. Contents : 1.introduction to Cell Biology, 2.Microscopy, 3.Cytological Techniques, 4.The Cell, 5.Protoplasm, 6.Cell Wall, 7.Plasma Membrane, 8.Ergastic Substances, 9.Plastids, 10.Endoplasmic Reticulum, 11.Ribosomes, 12.Golgi Complex, 13.Lysosomes, 14.Mitochondria, 15.Centrosome, 16.Cilia and Flagella, 17.Microfilaments, 18.Microbodies, 19.Vacuoles, 20.Nucleus, 21.Chromosomes, 22.Cell Growth, 23.Cell Division, 24.Reproduction, 25.Gametogenesis, 26.Fertilization, 27.Parthenogenesis, 28.Introduction to Molecular Biology, 29.Nucleic Acids, 30.Gene, 31.DNA is the Genetic Material, 32.Genetic Code, 33.Replication, 34.Transcription, 35.Protein Synthesis, 36.Regulation of Gene Expression, 37.Genetic Recombination, 38.Genetic Engineering, 39.Immunology, 40.Introduction to Genetics, 41.Mendelism, 42.Genic Interaction, 43.Multiple Allels, 44.Multiple Gene Inheritance, 45.Linkage, 46.Crossing Over, 47.Cromosome Map, 48.Non-Mendelian Ratios, 49.Sex Determination in Animals, 50.Sex Determination in Plants, 51.Sex Linked Inheritance, 52.Non-Disjunction, 53.Human Genetics, 54.Eugenics, 55.Euthenics, 56.Inbreeding and Outbreeding, 57.Mutation, 58.Chromosomal Aberrations, 59.Gene and Gene Concept,60.Transposons, 61.Cytoplasmic Inheritance, 62.Index