V.S. of Skin

Comments :

  • T.S. skin of lizard shows outer epidermis and inner dermis.
  • Epidermis contains horny epidermal scales characteristic of reptilian skin.
  • Various layers of epidermis are stratum corneum followed by stratum germinatum or stratum malpighii from which new skin develops.
  • Below stratum germinatum in loose connective tissue. Dermal papilla present beneath stratum germinatum.
  • Dermis in composed of fibrous connective tissue and conjunctiva tissues.
  • Dermis contains muscles, nerves blood vessels and chromatophores.

Identification: Since the section contains epidermal scales and above features, hence it is V.S. skin of lizard.

V.S. of Lung


Comments :

  • V.S. lung of lizard shows outer serosa enclosing lung alveoli.
  • Inner lining of lung is raised into number of septa like structures, enclosing air sacs or alveoli.
  • Lung contains rich blood supply.
  • Alveoli are separated by septa.
  • Anterior lung is more sacculated thicker and richly vascularised.
  • Lung cavity is continuous.
  • Bronchus entering into lung does not branches into bronchioles but it directly forms alveoli.
  • In lungs deoxygenated blood is brought by pulmonary artery and oxygenated blood carried away by
    pulmonary vein.

Identification: Since the lung shows alveoli and above features, hence it is V.S. of lung of lizard.

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