What are the apex predators of the insect world?

What are the apex predators of the insect world?

Answer written by :- Sergio Diniz

There is one type of insect that can defeat any other insect, thus I believe this is the top apex predator among insects.


Yes, these small creatures. But united as an army, they can defeat any other insect or even larger animals, including mammals. The difficult is to point out which species are dangerous and ferocious, so I will list the top ones.

  • The Bulldog Ant. This is recorded by scientists as the most dangerous ant in the whole world. Commonly found in Australia, this ant is the most aggressive species of all. The bulldog ant can use its stinger and its jaw aggressively at the same time. Plus, it injects venom that can kill a fully-grown man within 15 minutes. Recognized by Guiness Book as the most dangerous ant alive.
What are the apex predators of the insect world?

Image: Most dangerous ant

What are the apex predators of the insect world?

Image: 5 Most Incredible Facts About Bulldog Ants!

  • Siafu Ant. Also known as the army ant, this creature is common in Eastern and Central Africa. This is one of the insects that can literally destroy everything in their path. Unlike most ant species, the Siafu ants do not build their nests. They are considered as nomads – they live from one place to the other depending on the abundance of the food source. Once they have eradicated all potential food sources, they move on to the next place, devouring anything in their path. They have their strength in numbers. So, they can attack and swarm an animal that is a thousand times more than their size. Their painful and sharp stings and bites will leave an animal helpless. Unable to fight on his own, he starts to lose his strength and give in to the swarm. They have giant cutting jaws above their heads. These jaws help the ants eat almost anything. Army ants are legendary for their pack mentality. Since they hunt in large groups, they destroy anything that gets in their way. It’s like a moving pack of scissors.
What are the apex predators of the insect world?
What are the apex predators of the insect world?
  • Fire Ant. Just like most insects, fire ants become aggressive when they are provoked. One unique feature of this ant is they can secrete a pheromone that makes more ants attack the predator. The fire ant has a very painful sting. It will cause swelling, redness, and puss. There are cases where people develop allergic reactions from a fire ant bite. Therefore, causing anaphylactic shock. If you are bitten by this kind of ant, better consult your doctor immediately. If you feel overwhelmed by ants, you’re probably facing a colony of fire ants. These ants are red in color and prolific in nature. They’re one of the most prevalent ant types on the planet. You’ll find them in huge numbers in China, Taiwan, the United States, and Australia. As if their ubiquity weren’t a big enough issue, fire ants have a devastating bite. If you fall victim to one, you’ll feel a sharp pain and may need medical treatment. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that Americans spend $5 billion annually on fire ant treatment. Fire ants use mounds as their homes. If you see one, make sure not to disrupt it. Otherwise, you could suffer several bites in a short period. These injuries are painful enough on their own. They’re much worse if you’re allergic to ants.

Image: Google Image Result for https://powerpestcontrol.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/3-Tips-for-Fire-Ant-Control-in-York-Region-featured.jpg

  • Bullet Ant. This is recorded by scientists as the ant with the most painful bite. From the name itself, the bite from the Bullet ant is as painful as being shot by a gun. It’s typically found in South America, and it’s known as the 24-hour ant. According to experts, you can feel the pain of the bite for more or less 24 hours before kit gradually oozes out. I can only imagine how dreadful the situation could be if I get bitten by this ant. Personally, I would rather faint that endure the 24 hours of pain.

Image: Bullet Ant, and he means business!


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